SkipTheGames Escort Site Review: Find Escorts for Free at skipthegames – com

By now, you should know that we are a trusted site for reviewing all adult related content on the internet.  Since we started writing these reviews, we have always  ensured that our recommendations are well researched. We always put our readers’ interests first when writing the reviews. 

We read your feedback, guys

 I know that this review is all about SkipTheGames. But there is also a reason why I have started with this kind of introduction. We have been getting a lot of feedback from you guys. Most of you need answers on how we gather information to write these reviews. You people want to know the kind of research we do and the accuracy of our reviews. 

I will take this opportunity not only to review SkipTheGames but also to show you how all our reviews are done. I will tell you everything that happens behind the scenes. This will give you an idea of how we gather information for the reviews. So let’s get started.

 A detailed review of SkipTheGames

This is how we come up with sites to review;

As I said, we get a lot of feedback from our readers. Usually, we do consider the most recurring feedback. It is the sites that most of you want us to review that we focus on. 

Once we identify the site, the first thing we do is open their website. Our aim here is to get the first impression of what takes place here. We first determine the general appearance of the website. 

SkipTheGames user interface

For the case of SkipTheGames, this site has a clean interface. It has a minimalistic design. As much as the design looks outdated, they have a good reason behind this. 

So what’s the reason?

 Most of the new adult sites have complicated menus and flashy elements. All these things are to ensure that the website stands out from its competitors. They believe that these things make their website look amazing.  

One thing that these sites forget is that a design like this makes it almost impossible to use the site via mobile. This is especially for people who use older devices that are slow in internet connection. 

Most users access the site via mobile phones

Considering that SkipTheGames is an escort site, most people access it with mobile phones. So it makes sense for the web design to be lightweight and simple.  This is why we gave the site a fat mark for the first impression.

Fraud warning

On the main page, the site warns users of potential fraud from people who want to steal information. They do this with a lame excuse of ‘verifying your account’.  This warming indicates two important things;

  •  That this site puts the interest of their users first
  • That the admins have a close connection to the users  and  aim to improve the user experience. This again gives SkipTheGames a huge plus. 

Ease of navigation

Another thing that makes the site interesting is the simple filtering section. This acts as a navigation tool. You can use it to find a specific type of escort you need.

How to find an escort at SkipTheGames 

SkipTheGames does not provide escort services. They instead help users find reputable companies that offer these services in specific locations. Here is how it happens.

First, you need to indicate your gender. You then explain;

  •  The type of escort you are looking for
  • The location and 
  • Additional preference like race, hair color among other things

 The results will appear with pictures of the escorts tagged and sorted with  dates they were added. It is the freshest data that appear on top of the page. 

Find an independent escort

SkipTheGames lists both agencies and independent escorts. What this means is that you can directly contact a lady here is you need escort services from here. You don’t need to go through all the hassle of working with an agency.

When we talk about direct contact, it means emailing or calling the escort, and she will show up at your door. This makes the site more convenient for its users. 

On each of the postings, there is a short and detailed intro, images of the escort, and her preferences. You can also find escorts contact information. This makes it easier to directly contact the escort if you need her services. 

Do we recommend SkipTheGames?

It is still early to say whether we recommend SkipTheGames or not. But so far, we have spotted many good things about the site. You can agree with us that most of the features they have are scoring high marks.  

But just like we focus on the good side, it is also our responsibility to criticize a site if we notice any issue of concern. So let’s dig deeper into the site.

Filter options

The site does not have a lot of advanced filters to find escorts. But we can’t really list this as a drawback. This is because they may also have a reason behind this. 

For one, having too many filters affects the smooth flow of the search process. Excess filtering can also make users miss out on good offers. This is the reason why the site lacks more detailed and advanced tools. 

 Is it easy to report suspicious offers?

The few available filters are well implemented. For instance, users can report an offer they feel is suspicious directly from the profile page.  The admins confirm this claim immediately and check for any suspicious behavior. 

Why report an offer?

There are many reasons why people report profiles at SkipTheGames. For instance, there might be fake profiles that aim to steal information from users. 

We decided to confirm whether there reports of stolen information from the site in the past. Lucky enough, we did not find any. Such a good reputation is rare to find in an adult site. And this is the reason why we are giving SkipTheGames another plus. 

Let’s talk about SkipTheGames’ competitors

To ensure that we exhaust this review, it was important for us to also look at what its competitors are doing. 

This is one area where we do plenty of research. Here are five things that make SkipTheGames stand out from their competitors;

No annoying ads

When it comes to viewing materials in an adult site, one thing that annoys us the most is the ads. We are happy to inform you that SkipTheGames does not feature any ads. 

Large number of listings

Another positive thing we noticed was the amount of content. This is in terms of the number of indexed offers.

How many escorts are featured at SkipTheGames?

We didn’t manage to find the exact number of postings. But during the review, we performed hundreds of searches. And we were glad to inform you that the number of results was admirable. This also adds another area where the site deserves a thumbs up. 

The site offers tips on how to stay safe online

When it comes to hiring escorts, don’t always expect to get outstanding services. Note that these are the people you do not know. Some of them might even be infected with STDs. 

SkipTheGames is well aware of this. That is why they share important information concerning the escorts’ health. You will also get legal tips if anything happens that might force you to hire a lawyer.  

Many positive reviews

You can tell that this site is a darling by looking at their users’ reviews. SkipTheGames has received an overwhelming number of positive reviews and this is rare to find in any other escort site.


The last thing we compared was the pricing. SkipTheGames does not charge any fees. This makes it a popular site for hiring escorts. 

Plus, the site offers its services to people from all over the world. 

Quality of escorts

Finding an escort at SkipTheGames  is easy and fast.  Before writing this review, we managed to sample the type of escorts available at SkipTheGames. Most of them seemed to be genuine. On top of that, the escorts were super sexy, and it seems like they love what they do

Our opinion on SkipTheGames

We give SkipTheGames a ten out of ten score and it is easy to understand why. The advantages of using the site outweigh the drawbacks by far. Some of the areas where SkipTheGames has done well include;

  • The simple and easy to use website design
  • Lack of frustrating adverts
  • A well designed and responsive website
  • A mobile site
  • A large number of escort listings
  • The fact that the site protects its users

 The only downside we noticed about this site is the possibility of fake accounts. As much as the site warns its users about this, it is you who has to play the biggest role in protecting yourself. 

 There are so many websites that offer the same services as SkipTheGames. But still, this site has managed to stand out in that;

  • Most of its competitors do not offer escort services for free
  • Some of their competitors’ websites have plenty of  ads and popups

SkipTheGames is getting better every day

The name itself speaks a lot about what you should expect at the site. If you aim to hire an escort for sexual services, be sure to get exactly what you are looking for at this site. Here, you stand a high chance of getting satisfactory and meaningful service. 


There you go, guys. You now know how we go about writing our porn site reviews. We hope that you enjoyed reading his review. Do not forget to come back later for other fresh reviews. 

To conclude, we recommend SkipTheGames to those in need of escorts. After all, this is what our website is all about; to ensure that you only visit the best adult sites. 

What we liked

  • Simple to use design
  • Beautiful escorts from all over the world
  • No ads

What we disliked

  • No advanced filters