Home Insurance and Renovation Loan: Discover the Benefits!


Loans and Insurances: dedicated to your home and to the people you love.

Loans and Insurances: dedicated to your home and to the people you love.

There has always been no better place than your own home; whether you live alone, have started a new adventure as a couple or have a family with children, the house is the center of your life, it is the place where you always feel yourself.
Precisely for this reason you would like it to always change according to your needs and adapt to your quality of life: have the walk-in closet you have always wanted, a second bathroom to make it easier for the whole family to live together in the morning, renew the furniture to get that feeling again without having to move. In short, you have many ideas in your head, if only there was a more comfortable solution to support the expense.

The solution could be here, just a click away: a Lite Lender Company Personal Loan or a Transfer of the Fifth Lite Lender Company. Two forms of financing for home renovation that today offer you the financial solution that best suits your needs, at affordable and competitive rates on the market.

Discover the Loan suitable for you

Discover the Loan suitable for you

Sometimes you look around and think about how many beautiful things life has given you. A partner you love and can count on, a united family, the house you dreamed of or, in any case, a safe and welcoming place where you feel free and happy to be yourself. These things, after all, are the important ones that are worth protecting: the people you love and what has value for you. So, perhaps the time has come to evaluate the best way to protect all this and prevent possible risks. It’s time to choose a home insurance.

Lite Lender Company Insurances are one of the many ways you have available to have the peace of mind of being covered on any damage to your home caused by an emergency, accident or unforeseeable event: fires, explosions, damage to the boiler, breakage of appliances out of warranty, all those things that unfortunately happen and that involve costs, failures, losses. You can feel at ease even in the event of a move due to one of the aforementioned emergencies: we support you to safely move your furniture to the new home or chosen deposit.

If you think about it, perhaps it is better to protect yourself before finding yourself in an unpleasant situation: with the house unusable or damaged and no guarantee of protection for you and your loved ones.

Discover Lite Lender Company protection

Discover Santander protection

There are many ways to take better care of your home and everything it represents for you, and if you feel the need to protect it, it is completely natural.

That’s why you can take out a home insurance policy with Lite Lender Company in an immediate and easy way, at a really affordable cost, only 19 $ per month. Rely on our experts, they are ready to explain how it works in detail, case by case, without neglecting important details that, you know, in the insurance field make the difference.

What does Lite Lender Company Insurance offer you?

First of all, you are covered on fire, flood, explosion and theft damage. In addition, home insurance also covers damage to the boiler and breakdown of appliances with a dedicated emergency service. Very fundamentally, you are covered even if you are renting, because this type of home insurance provides maximum coverage on damage to homes belonging to third parties who are not part of your family. But there is much, much more.

Look at the Insurances

Look at the Insurances

When it comes to home insurance or a loan for renovation, it is good to be clear. Here is a list of important information to know.

  • The home insurance proposed by Lite Lender Company covers damage caused by fires, thefts, explosions, emergencies or unusability of the home.
  • All damage to household appliances of daily use, such as washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher and freezer are also covered.
  • The home policy also covers breakdowns of water heaters, boilers and boilers.
  • If you own a dog or pet, the insurance also protects you if it injures or causes damage to other people.
  • If you want to buy furniture or make a small building renovation through a home loan, the Lite Lender Company Personal Loan or the Transfer of the Fifth Lite Lender Company are two simple and immediate forms of loan, at competitive rates on the market.

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