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Are you ready to hear the total truth on what you can find on Dirtyroulette as well as other related porn sites? The first thing would be to read a review on Dirtyroulette and know what the prices are.

You should also find out whether it is safe to chat on the roulette site. You may have thought about registering on dirtyroulette.com. But before taking this step, there are certain things that you ought to know.

In this review, I am going to share my thoughts concerning dirty roulette based on the research I made. But before sharing this information with you, have you ever come across this image of a police officer monitoring the dirty roulette site? Well, this may be what you will get when using this site.

Dirtyroulette was actually one of my favorites back in the days. The structure of the website is very similar to that of Chatroulette.com. It gives a platform for visitors to randomly match with strangers, see each other while communicating via webcam. Chatting with a stranger, first of all, is kind of creepy according to me. 

First, you sign in to the website for free. Dirtyroulette is powered by Flingster. This is a video chat app that is more or less similar to Dirtyroulette. The only difference is on the logo.

You can enjoy everything offered at Dirtyroulette for free. It will only cost you when you want a private chat with cam girls that are directly pulled from Chaturbate.com.


Dirty Roulette

History and review of The Site

Dirty roulette is among the random roulette chat sites that are dangerous to use. For one, there is no minimum age that users are required to have, which means that even minors can access the site. Chatroulette didn’t have any age verification method and the site quickly became a hunting ground for child predators.

This raised eyebrows among parents who branded the platform as a perverts’ paradise. Consequently, Chatspot embarked on a mission to expel users who exhibited illicit sexual behavior. 

They even went to the extent of including a dick detector on the website to prevent online exhibitionists from offending other users. To get out of these controversies, the admins decided to create a better platform, and this is when Dirtyroulette was born.

Since then, sites like dirtyroulette have appeared and again disappear within a short time. Avoid shady sites like Chatrandom and Omegle and thank me later. One of the best alternatives to Dirtyroulette is Shangle.

But this site also sucks. Once you read this Dirtyroulette review, you may also want to go through the Shangle review.  But now, let’s focus on Dirtyroulette review!

It is very easy to sign up on dirty roulette! And this is one of the things that make the sites downright scary!

We can’t deny the fact that dirty roulette has great potential when it comes to adult chat rooms.  The problem is that minors may also be exposed to explicit content. So long as you click on the ‘join’ button on the website, it is possible to view any content without age restrictions. 

You only need to provide a valid email address and create a password. The signup process is fast and simple and it can only last for 30 seconds at most.

There are two boxes where you have to confirm that you understand the terms and conditions and that you are also of legal age. (Which is at least 18 years). Anyone can click on these terms including minors since no document is required to confirm the users’ age.

Security and protection

When it comes to user protection, this simple verification process can actually be related to a ‘broken condom’. Rather than using documents like credit card or a government-issued ID card for age verification, dirty roulette relies on vigilantism to prevent minors from accessing the website.

So no matter how many times they claim to be an adult-only platform, the underage group will always access the website until the site takes more stringent measures concerning the same.

This dirty roulette review is honest as much as it may seem shocking. Dirtyroulette.com is in no doubt a shelter for perverts who show off their dicks with the aim of enticing innocent girls whose only intentions are to chat.  Good news is that most girls know such things are common in random cam chat sites.

Just like many dating sites, Dirtyroulette is a sausage fest

So you have decided that it’s time to sign up at Dirtyroulette no matter what. You enter important details and sign up hoping to find a horny cutty to chat with.  You find a perfect pick up line and drop it when the first webcam appears. 

What next? You are in a state of shock! It’s not a girl, it’s a dick! Then there is another dick, then there is another and then another….it is cam roulette just press start button.

You are left confused, annoyed and frustrated.  Sign out of the website after having an experience that you never expected. And you know what? You are actually not alone. 

Most people go through the same issues as well. Rather than interacting with a mythical babe, you are left with the horrifying experience of getting a dick instead! There are no age restrictions on the platform which means that children can also encounter the same thing.

Review of dirty roulette

As already mentioned,  Dirtyroulette is risky for adult chat considering that many people also don’t go through the terms and conditions. To give an honest opinion, I don’t think there is a point for dirty roulette existing as a separate entity to Flingster. This is because these are many alternatives that easily match users while taking into consideration the rights of minors by not exposing them to explicit content.

If you are an adult (above 18) and need to have a good time in terms of adult fun, consider Chaturbate.com.  Other sites that I can recommend are cams com and stripchat. Personally, I like streamate.com more since all the sex cams options are free.

Our review of dirty roulette is based on evidence. We tried this website by clicking through 50 random strangers on cam. We came across 3 fake female accounts and 48 fake male accounts. Out of the 48 males, 16 seemed to be masturbating on a webcam.

We can all agree that this is a huge number which not only makes the site a place where you can privately chat with a stranger but also a huge platform where a good number of males are only there to annoy girls who want to have fun.

As a matter of fact, males trying to jerk off girls at Dirtyroulette is well known that it has become a meme of many jokes. See this one for instance; Memes on dirty roulette are highly shared these days. And again, getting real value on this platform is next to impossible.

You may want to invest your time chatting with girls on a webcam. First, the ratio between males and females in dirty roulette is off balance. Do not forget that some users will also be waiting to ruin your day!

You may not like a site like Reallifecam. But if you need a site that is exclusively for adult use, Reallifecam is much better than dirty roulette. There are terms that users need to follow in dirty roulette. Ensure that you take time to read those terms before exposing your dick on this site.

It is really not the best place since teenagers may also be exposed to the content. One of the terms on Dirtyroulette is not to post any sexual acts and nudity. The best thing is to stick to real adult webcam chats for such a thing.

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Dirtyroulette Alternatives

There are other good video chat site and webcam chat site available. Please check out our premium selection of sex chat site: Reallifecams: ChaturbateJerkmate, Crazylivecams, Camsurf, Streamate and Ebonycams. Log in and try these site with free live sex cams, cam to cam and adult chat rooms and start chatting.