Chaturbate Review 2021 update

Chaturbate is a popular sex cam site. Most people however tend to misspell this name as “Chatarbate”. That being said, do you remember the time when you had to visit the seediest joints in town just to watch porn.

Sorry for the Millennials; you missed such fun and unforgettable experiences. But thanks to the internet, everything has now changed. The innovation of webcams made it easier for you to see the whole action as it unfolds, right from your bedroom!

And Chaturbate is one of the best platforms to make this come true. I am not sure how the word Chaturbate came about. The person who invented this word was thinking about chatting and masturbating at the same time. This is how he or she came up with the word Chaturbate.



What is Chaturbate like?

When I logged in to Chaturbate for the first time, it was the light color theme and cute logo that caught my attention. Forget about the dull colors you are used to in standard sex sites. The colors here make the site appear to be family-friendly, but it isn’t. This is for obvious reasons.

The site is full of fucking couples and masturbating webcam whores. You can see a sexy MILF groping her tits in an office-like space. Then there is a blonde girl chewing some thick cock there.

The site has an endless number of almost nude girls in their bedrooms. Most of these girls are young.

Their ages range from 19 to 22. There are also older women at the site, but this is only a small number. A large percentage of models at Chaturbate are fresh and ripe.

As soon as you log in to the website, it is the featured cams that will appear first. Most performers here are solo chocks, a few lesbians and straight couples. You can filter options down to male, female, trans, and couples.

Is the site is free?

Is Chaturbate free? Yes. One live stream attracted my attention the most.

There was this hot and sexy slut with one foot inside the pussy of another slut. Both these whores had beautiful legs. I had to see more of this, so I decided to click through.

As they say, nothing is free in this world. The same applies to sex cam sites.

Trust me, you won’t have peace watching free videos at many cam sites. When you are having a good time with the free video, there are always unskippable video ads showing up.

How annoying this is!

But Chaturbate is different. Instead of the annoying popups and ads, I went straight to the feeds. As I am typing this, there is a chat window on the right part. Most people focus more on the Urbate part of the name, they don’t remember that there is also the Chat part of it.

If you would like to see similar site, please look out: jerkmatecrazylivecamsstreamatedirtyroulettecamsurf and ebony-cams.

Who are the Chaturbate users? 

There are over 7000 users who are live at the moment. Most of them are commenting on the video and others even go further to give tips.

A naked dude who has entered the room now, which makes three of them. The girl with a foot inside her pussy is now stroking the guy’s cock. I am now as horny as fuck. This threesome play is awesome.

But then, I see another dude appearing on the scene. Is it a fucking orgy? And guess what, I am watching all this stuff for free. T

hese players aren’t amateurs. They are experts. One chick is blond and the other one is Latina wearing glasses.

They look gorgeous and young. I love their pretty faces and their bodies are flawless. This is the first show I watched as soon as I logged in at Chaturbate.  And I knew I would enjoy my stay here 100%.

Welcome to Chaturbate! I now understand why this site attracts over 400 million users every month!

Should I tip the models?

If you are starting in live webcam shows, you might be confused about whether this free thing exists. Well, I was confused too. How on earth can I enjoy watching all these sexy ladies licking each other’s pussies for free?

Leave alone paying, I haven’t even signed up yet! What I came to understand is that these players earn through tips. Below every video, you can see a tally on the tips a model has and the goal they want to achieve.

Take this chance to appreciate the talent in there. You can see your token total next to the buying link.

And if I should warn you, avoid the so-called Chaturbate token hack. It is nothing but a virus. If you are reading this review, I know you are going to log in to Chaturbate because the site is free.

Are the benefits to spending more money?

There are however other benefits to enjoy if you are a frequent tipper. First, the girls can thank you by using your real name. You can also tell the girl to perform stuff specifically for you if you send some tokens.

This first show I watched was amazing. The multiple participants getting into action is the most amazing things I watched that day. One girl was choking the other while groping her tight boobs.

And the guys were behind these chicks, fucking them like crazy. When the show was over, one chick thanked the top tippers. Then both ladies started sucking the cameraman’s cock before this free video cut out.

How much do tokens cost for Chaturbate?

Before sending tokens to a model, you first have to log in. It is easy to sign up at Chaturbate.

You don’t have to worry about email verification like other sites. The cost is 10 dollars for 100 tokens. This amount gets cheaper when you buy more tokens.

I did my calculations and realized that the free video I watched earlier on could have cost me 8 dollars.

This isn’t that bad for a show like that. I enjoyed it after all. You can touch girls at strip clubs. And watching them could even cost more than this.

Can I upgrade my account for more features?

You also enjoy 200 free tokens by upgrading your account. There are many benefits to upgrading.

For one, there are no annoying ads. Although I used my ads blocker that was quite helpful. You also enjoy the private message feature.

This feature can be handy for anyone who would like to have a personal relationship with any of the cam girls. Another benefit of upgrading includes the ability to change color and font options. If you don’t want to upgrade, you can still sign up, a process that can take a few seconds.

This is the only way you can choose a username. Who wouldn’t want to have a username on a live cam site? Even the silent users would also want to know what their favorite girls are up to. And you can also do this after signing up.

The premium membership doesn’t interest me much. The issue I had with Chaturbate is that tipping can at times be expensive. This is especially if you prefer more intimate shows than what I watched.

What are the misspellings of Chaturbate?

Besides, there are no private shows for you if you don’t give some tips. The more tips you give the better your experience will be. Some people tend to misspell Chaturbate with weird words. ( chaturbait, chaturebate, chaturbate chaterbate, and whatever).

Regardless, this is one of the best live cam sites you can find today. There is a high amount of traffic there.

If you want, you can enjoy the content of the site 24/7. But ensure that you have enough tokens to tip. After all, you won’t enjoy all the great action for free.

Chaturbate – What I liked?

  • Many beautiful cam girls
  • A wide range of live free cam sex
  • Interactive sex shows
  • Real adult camming
  • Android app available

Chaturbate – What I disliked?

  • Tokens and tipping can be expensive
  • Private messaging costs extra membership free