Refinancing and combine loans wisely!


The term “refinancing”, or “refinancing”, means the combination of several loans into one. This service greatly facilitates the everyday life of many borrowers, but at the same time, it is not suitable for everyone. In order to use refinancing in the most profitable way for you, it is important to understand how it works and in which cases it is profitable and in which this service cannot be used at all. Therefore, in this article we will answer all the above questions, as well as give tips that will help to reasonably and profitably combine loans.

What is refinancing?

The use of refinancing, or refinancing, provides borrowers with the opportunity to combine several smaller loans into one with more favorable interest rates and a repayment term, and thus make only one payment. In fact, this is the conclusion of a new loan agreement in order to immediately repay existing debt obligations, and then return them in a more convenient and profitable way. Thus, it is possible both to reduce the volume of your total debt obligations and to repay them faster using a more favorable repayment schedule. It is also important to mention that credit consolidation is possible for very different types of loan obligations – from consumer and quick loans to car loans and leasing payments. However, lenders can determine in different ways how many small loans can be combined into one.

In recent years, lenders have begun to expand their range of services more and more, actively offering the opportunity to combine loans. The reason for this is the high demand from customers who are interested in such a service. It is easy to understand the interest of clients, because such a service can significantly facilitate the everyday life of borrowers.

When can refinancing be used?

When can refinancing be used?

There are two main reasons why borrowers resort to refinancing, namely:

• To make loan payments more convenient
Many loan payments that need to be done on a monthly basis can bring chaos to the everyday life of any person. In addition, one of them is easy to forget, which can cause serious problems in the future. By combining loans into one, you will solve this problem, since in the future only one payment will be required per month. At the same time, it facilitates the planning of finances, making monthly calculation of expenses easier and more convenient.

• To get a better interest rate and terms
Often, borrowers prefer to refinance their loan obligations simply because they noticed a favorable offer from another lender. After all, why not reduce your monthly payment or total loan repayable amount, if there is such an opportunity? In addition, this service is very beneficial in cases when several loans are returned at the same time. Even if each individually issued at a low interest rate, most likely, when added, the total interest payment will no longer seem so profitable. Therefore, in this case, it is worth considering the possibility of refinancing – after all, when concluding a refinancing agreement, interest will have to be paid for only one amount.

Another option where credit pooling can help is when there are problems with paying off existing debt. Undoubtedly, this service will not solve any situation with a wave of a magic wand, but it often allows you to reduce the monthly payment, making it easier to repay loans.

In which cases is it not worth using refinancing?

In which cases is it not worth using refinancing?

Like any other way of borrowing money, refinancing must be used responsibly. Therefore, after refinancing existing debt obligations, it is not recommended to continue to burden yourself with new ones. Instead, evaluate your financial habits to understand why you constantly need loans, and learn how to plan your spending. In addition, refinancing will not always help in situations where there are difficulties in repaying previously issued loans, since this loan will also have to be repaid. Therefore, before sending an application, evaluate your financial capabilities to make sure that you can do it.

How to apply for refinancing and what should be taken into account before this?

How to apply for refinancing and what should be taken into account before this?

Refinancing is already included in the range of services of almost all of the largest lenders, so if you want to use it, first of all choose the lender from whom you want to do this. Of course, this is not worth doing without a proper assessment, because each proposal is different from the others. Therefore, it is useful to know what you need to pay attention to before applying.

It is quite clear that we need to start by studying the proposed interest rates on loans – how much the rate is favorable compared to existing debt obligations and offers of other lenders, as well as whether it is fixed – otherwise there is a possibility that the initial interest rate in the period repayment of the loan may suddenly increase. It is also worth paying attention to the annual interest rate, which shows what are the total costs of the loan, including not only interest, but also the commission fee and all other related payments. This allows you to more accurately compare the offers of lenders, since it is possible that a lender offers a higher interest rate, but a lower commission and vice versa.

Another aspect of refinancing that you need to pay attention to is the additional services offered by lenders that can save you money or facilitate loan repayments. These include various bonuses and special offers, credit vacations and credit payment insurance, which allows customers to protect themselves in cases where due to unforeseen circumstances it is impossible to pay a loan.

When, after evaluating refinancing proposals, you have chosen the most profitable for yourself, the next step is to fill out an application. Most often, this is quite simple and you don’t even need to go to the lender’s service center, as in most cases the application can be quickly and conveniently filled out on the Internet. In addition, there is no need to worry if there is not a single lender’s branch near you, since the remote conclusion of credit agreements is an integral part of this convenient and modern service.

Unique Credit: broker specializing in the repurchase of credits

As a specialist in the repurchase of credits, Good Lender Loan is intended in particular for people who have taken out several loans and whose maturities are accumulating. The broker offers financing making it possible to gather all the monthly payments in one, with a single contact. Thanks to a lower interest rate that can be amortized over an extended period, the debt level can be reduced considerably. The daily budget management is also simplified, and the purchasing power optimized. A wide variety of loans can be combined: mortgage, personal loan, bank overdraft, car loan, rental with purchase option (LOA), student loan, various debts, etc.

With more than 20 years of experience and through its many partnerships, Good Lender Loan has a wide range of refinancing solutions, adapted to all types of needs:

  • buy back consumer loans,
  • repurchase of consumer credits and one or more mortgage (s) (with a repayment period of 25 years maximum),
  • and repurchase of credits with cash (including a reserve of money dedicated to the financing of new projects).

The purchase of consumer loans

During the life of a household, it is common to make various purchases. Cars, furniture, household appliances, hifi … all these goods require more or less substantial investments. It is not always possible to pay cash for these investments. In addition, even if the household has sufficient savings, it is often recommended not to deprive yourself of it to cope with any unforeseen events. It is for these various reasons that a large number of borrowers turn to consumer credit.

Consumer loans, or personal loans, allow spending to be spread over several months or years, and thus maintain a constant standard of living. If these monthly payments may seem low at first, of the order of a few tens of USD to a few hundred USD per month, they still end up representing significant sums by accumulating. It is therefore interesting to turn to the formula of buying back credits.

Good Lender Loan makes it possible to replace the various loans taken out by a single new financing. Simple and effective, this solution is acclaimed by many individuals wishing to optimize their budget. The following can be grouped together:

  • Consumer credits affected: work loan, car loan, etc. ;
  • Unallocated personal loans, that is to say loans whose purpose is not indicated in the contract;
  • Revolving credits (also called revolving credits).

Good to know: the purchase of consumer loans with Good Lender Loan also makes it possible to include debts of various kinds, such as family debts and bank overdrafts.

The purchase of consumer loans and a mortgage

Owners of real estate know that the monthly payments of their credit represent a significant part of their income. Subscribed over a long and engaging period, it is sometimes necessary to cope with changes in his lifestyle during these loans: arrival of a new child, unemployment, drop in income, creation of a business …

It is therefore necessary to consider buying credits in order to lower the monthly payment. Consumer credits and home loans can be combined into a single new loan thanks to Good Lender Loan. The purpose of buying back credits is to protect your assets and stay in control of your budget.

Good Lender Loan also offers borrower insurance brokerage services. These products have specificities requiring strong expertise: it is for this reason that Good Lender Loan has created a dedicated insurance service.

The latter’s mission is to provide borrowers with the best rates and the best guarantees thanks to strong partnerships with major French insurance companies.

The repurchase of credits with cash

To complete its loan buy-back offer, Good Lender Loan has opened the possibility for all of its current and future customers to include additional cash in a credit consolidation transaction. This envelope can be used without providing supporting documents. It is thus possible to finance the purchase of a new vehicle, the repayment of personal debts, the realization of works, a trip, a marriage, the studies of the children, etc.

Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the financial conditions proposed by the various market players, the Good Lender Loan teams are able to provide a reliable, fast and advantageous proposal for the subscription of any loan buy-back. It is thus possible to take advantage of a drop of more than 60% on its monthly payments, allowing the borrower to regain serenity and purchasing power.

Simulation of credit repurchase with Good Lender Loan?

Simulation of credit repurchase with Good Lender Loan?

The conditions for grouping credits – repayment period, interest rate, amount of the term, etc. – are established on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation and the resources of the subscriber.

This is why Good Lender Loan provides the possibility of carrying out a financing simulation directly online, free of charge and without obligation. To do this, a form allows you to fill in certain information relating inter alia to the number and nature of the loans concerned as well as to your personal and professional status. At the end of the simulation, an expert agent will contact you to clarify your request and complete your file. You then receive your contract at home.

Note that the consolidation of credits at Good Lender Loan does not require changing banks.

How to take out a loan with Good Lender Loan?

How to take out a loan with Good Lender Loan?

Five main stages are involved in taking out a loan with Good Lender Loan:

Step 1: the future borrower performs a credit simulation online. Good Lender Loan undertakes by following to recontact the person concerned in less than 48 hours. The purpose of this call is to refine the household situation and issue an initial opinion on the feasibility of the planned project.

Step n ° 2: the borrower must provide a number of supporting documents to Good Lender Loan so that the experts of the company can carry out an in-depth analysis of the file, more precisely:

  • Proof of civil status:
    • Double-sided identification (passport or national identity card);
    • Family record book ;
    • Proof of address less than 3 months old;
    • Full housing tax;
    • For owners: full property tax;
    • For married people: the possible marriage contract;
    • For divorced people: the divorce decree.
  • Proof of income:
    • Last 3 pay slips;
    • December salary slip;
    • Last imposition opinion :
    • For employees on fixed-term contracts or hired for less than a year: employer certificate or photocopy of the employment contract;
    • Miscellaneous supporting documents if applicable: 3 last balance sheets and tax packages for the self-employed, supporting documents for other income (APL, property income, etc.).
  • Supporting documents:
    • Last 3 bank account statements;
    • Savings account statements;
    • For home loan repurchases: initial credit offer + amortization schedule;
    • For the repurchase of consumer loans: amortization table or statement or other supporting document.
  • Proof of accommodation and property:
    • For owners: title deed and possible valuation of the property;
    • For tenants: last receipt for rent;
    • For people staying: certificate and photocopy of the owner of the accommodation;
    • Home insurance certificate.

Step 3: Good Lender Loan sends a complete file to its banking partners. In return, these send back a concrete financing proposal. Adapted to the personal and professional situation of the borrower, these offers can thus be compared and put in competition by Good Lender Loan.

Step 4: The credit offer is presented to the borrower. In the event of an agreement on its part, Good Lender Loan is responsible for editing the final loan contract.

Step 5: The credit is now granted. Good Lender Loan continues to provide support until the funds are effectively released and the loans concerned are repaid.

Get a loan without income certificates


Everyone can face the problem of lack of money. Coming out of different situations for which there is not enough money, the problem can be solved in several ways: borrow money from friends or acquaintances, and if this is not possible, seek help from a bank or MFI. Credit organizations will be happy to help and provide the necessary loan amount. But there are several requirements, one of which is to provide a certificate of income for the borrower.

Such a situation would be unpleasant when, for example, the client works, but is not officially employed or works on several jobs and is confident in his creditworthiness, but he does not have any documents for proof. It is in such cases, you can contact the service, where you can get a loan without income statements.

How to get a loan without a guarantor?

How to get a loan without a guarantor?


Of course, there is an option to get a loan without a statement of income, but then the client will have to look for a guarantor. Most importantly, the guarantor should have more than a sufficient level of income. Also, the client may simply have real estate or property that can block loan payments in case of unforeseen situations. Such fallback options will be even more effective than the income statement provided.

Among the options, banks practice loans with a high risk of default. Today, there are many banks that offer just such loans. But due to the fact that most customers still pay the loan on time, the risk of delay or debt will be offset by a large interest rate, which in some cases may be more than 60% of the loan amount.

Opportunity to apply to credit organizations

Modern clients also have the opportunity to apply to credit organizations


Which allow you to have a loan with you, only have the TIN code and passport of a citizen of the country. This is the option most often chosen, and the thing is that it is the simplest and fastest to execute. In such financial organizations, a loan can be issued much faster than in banks, and the employees of such services will not require either a certificate of income or guarantors from the client. Here, the client has the opportunity to get a loan in just 15-20 minutes and get money in cash, or to get such a loan online and get funds on the card, which further simplifies the procedure for obtaining credit funds.

Of course, many may think that such credit organizations require a large percentage of their customers, but this is not at all true, because most of these services provide short-term loans not in very large amounts, so the percentage here will not be large . Therefore, obtaining such quick loans to customers is very profitable.


It is worth noting that many customers still prefer to get a loan in such microcredit organizations, where you can quickly and easily get a loan for the right amount. Of course, not a big price and a short lending period can be a hindrance, but who forbids to issue loans one after another, the main thing here is to pay each loan in a timely manner and not allow delay. We can conclude that everyone who saves their time and effort will go to such an organization rather than spend whole weeks on a loan at the bank and stand in lines, hoping for a positive answer. Today, there are many different credit organizations that provide favorable conditions, so everyone has the opportunity at any time to apply for and take out a loan on favorable terms.