BBWDesire review

Before investing your time and money on a dating site, always make sure that you have signed up for nothing short of quality.  This is a detailed review of BBWDesire.

It required a lot of time and patience to come up with an honest review of a hookup site. It is impossible to spend a few minutes on a dating site and give an accurate opinion. This is the reason why we spent weeks exploring BBWDesire before writing this review.

We have used both the paid and free versions to come up with our judgments. We have also presented suggestions on whether the free version is worth sticking to. We will give you the reasons for or against upgrading to premium.

We have sent hundreds of messages BBW’s here and even suggested hookups. After compiling our results, we will tell you how the site is different from other high-quality sites. 

We are a fan of finding dates online and recommend it to any smart person who wants to try it out. We come up with reviews of these sites to help new users succeed in finding dates and hookups. Here is what we found out about BBWDesire


 The most honest BBWDesire review you can ever find

We are going to explain the most important things we found on BBWDesire. We will also compare BBWDesire with other alternative options. This review will be helpful for anyone who wants to have fun on the site. 

What we recommend

We compared BBW Desire to BBW Match Mate and there is one thing we can conclude for sure. BBW Desire is NOT the best dating site to meet and interact with big beautiful women. The site is not worth considering for anyone looking for real action on a dating site. We spent a lot of time on the site, and some of the great challenges we had are the following;

It was difficult to figure out whether women at this site were real

The first thing we did at BBW Desire was to create a profile. We hadn’t uploaded anything yet, not even a profile picture before messages started coming in. Does this even sound real? Are women on this site just seated waiting for a blank profile to start sending messages? 

For us, there was an explanation for this. BBWDesire sends automated messages to new members that seem to come from real women. The truth of the matter is that these women are not even real. This is just a trick to pay for a premium account. After all, it is impossible to reply to these messages if you are a free user. 

The fake profiles and fake messages make the site untrustworthy

Pictures that appear on search results are full of attractive women. Most of them are not even BBW as the site claims. In our opinion, it is like the admins gathered some photos from Myspace to create these profiles.

So, you already know that some messages are automated. Will you still go ahead and trust the profiles? BBW Match Mate is way more advanced for any guy looking for a BBW.

The general appearance is more like a Halloween costume gone wrong

The main aim of the site is to hookup members with big beautiful women. I decided to investigate further and see whether this is what the site does. The following part is going to be very helpful, so ensure that you read it before signing up at BBW’s Desire. 

One of the things I noticed was the color scheme. It looked horrible! The logo and menu bars are in black and orange. These Halloween-themed colors shouldn’t be on a dating site in the first place.

This is not a costume that you would want your dream princess to wear. Instead, it looks like something your weird friend puts on and all you want to do is tell her to go back home and change. 

To be honest, the site needs a makeover very badly. There are two photographs of the same women on both sides of the website. For some people, these photographs seem to be someone watching you from a distance. Who would want that on a dating site? 

These are not the only problems we found at BBW. The issues go all the way to the core of the website. 

BBW Match Mate is a better option

You have probably reached this far because you are still interested in BBWDesire. Honestly, you shouldn’t be. There are many other sites that offer a better experience than this. 

It all depends on what you are looking for. 

If you want to get the most out of a dating site, consider signing up at a BBW Match Mate. This is currently the best option you can find when it comes to dating online.

 The site focuses on helping members find a match for intimate relationships. It is you to decide whether you want to have one day fun or have a long term relationship with the person you hook up with. The site has a large number of users, over 90 million to be exact. BBW Match Mate has been around for over 20 years now. 

Another decent dating app, which is also an alternative to BBW Desire is Tinder. But finding attractive BBWs here isn’t that easy. This is because there are only a couple of them at the site. 

You can also consider Adultfriendfinder. The site welcomes people who are not conventionally very attractive. This makes it easier to find a BBW. The site also has a free trial that you can make use of before spending your money on premium services. 

BBW Desire is full of glitches

Finding love online is for the stronghearted. If you are nervous, then signing up at a site full of digital glitches isn’t worth considering. This will only make things difficult for you. Unfortunately, this is what you get at BBWDesire. 

When I created my account and logged in for the first time, I got a message from the administrator. It had a subject line asking me to open the message and get important information concerning the account. As soon as I clicked the message, the page reloaded back to the homepage. I clicked the message again and the same issue occurred.

This was a big deal for me. I mean, the subject line indicated that there was an important message in waiting. And it even informed me to open the message immediately. I thought it was an informative email advising how I should keep my account safe. This isn’t an experience you would want as soon as you open your new dating account.

 So if you feel that opening a BBW Desire account is worth considering, then expect the same. The page is full of pop up windows without content and page loading issues. And with such issues, you can agree with me that BBW Desire is a low-quality dating site that should never be trusted. 

The BBWDesire is full of adult content?

My eyes managed to adapt to the irritating colors and that’s when I noticed another area of concern. This is the large number of explicit images scattered all over the site. The number of featured profiles is all over the place. As much as you can expect to see such pictures on a dating site, these are annoying. 

In many cases, the pictures are extreme and gross. It is like the site admins posted all the weird photos they managed to come across. This may be pleasing to some users. But not me. This is another warning sign to pay close attention to.

Other dating sites may have nude photos as well, but most of them don’t broadcast them the way BBWDesire does. It is rare for sites with such content to feature in the list of best dating apps 2020. It is almost impossible to find a genuine hookup on sites like this. 

Sketchy links to movies and quickies

On the top part of the homepage, there is a menu bar with options like ‘search’ and ‘home’. We are not talking about these important options. This bar also has links like XXX movies and quickie. 

If for instance, you click on ‘quickie’, it directs you to another link. In this other link, the site uses a scientific matching making service to match members. For me, this was senseless considering that I hadn’t filled in any of my information.

So how could they find a perfect match for me? Or are they going to match my blank profile with another blank profile? This can only be described in two ways; either scam or magic. And when it comes to the link for the XXX movies, you already know where it takes you to;  Thousands of adult videos that you can’t watch for free. 

One funny thing is that these videos aren’t even related to BBW. And this is something that you will notice as soon as you log to the site; it doesn’t focus on BBW the way they claim.

The website doesn’t deliver its promise

There is some content relating to larger women. But you can also find profiles of skinny ladies in the featured profile. It is surprising to see profiles of skinny women on a site that is supposed to focus on BBWs. When you take a closer look, you may realize that these are not even actual profiles. On such a site, their goal is to give members what they want. That is to get a date regardless of what their preferences are. And as soon as you click on this skinny girls profile, they convince you to upgrade to premium. This is their end goal. 

Nothing is free at BBWDesire

The site claims that some of its services are free. After a thorough investigation, we realized that nothing is free here. The site has adverts all over convincing members to upgrade. As soon as you click on something, the site directs you to this page. For instance, you can’t share messages with other members if you don’t upgrade. After I logged in to the site, the messages were there already. Here is what I got from one of the ladies;

Downisfine: Want to talk

Downisfine: I am bored

Downisfun: Wanna have some fun

Downisfine: I know you do!..

I tried to reply to these messages but was I successful? No. I had to get a premium account first. But I am smart though, and you can’t get a coin from me if I can’t prove that you guys are legit. 

BBWDesire doesn’t qualify to be a dating site

As said before, I took enough time just to find out what the site has to offer. For my frustrations, I couldn’t get even one positive interaction before paying. So I decided to go through the terms and conditions of the site. Then I came across this section;

“You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that our Service, presented in the style of an online dating service, is an entertainment service. All content is provided for the entertainment and amusement of You.”

Good to know. But it’s all in plain and white. The site doesn’t focus on matching members. Rather, it is an entertainment site that ‘utilizes fantasy profiles’. 

Most users are fake

The site has stated on their terms and conditions that they have fantasy profiles. These profiles ‘enhance online communication, offer companionship, and enforce service rules’. I didn’t understand what this meant, maybe the site administrators could explain better. 

What’s clear is that BBW Desire also features fake profiles. And one of the purposes of these profiles is to convince users to pay for membership. For instance, they initiate chats, which you have to pay before responding. Of course, you won’t be replying to a real person even if you pay. So it’s like wasting your money on services not offered.

 No one knows whether the site has real profiles. Most of the profiles I came across were blank. There was just a name and a profile photo. The site does not give the exact figure of the number of members. These are all red flags that you should watch out for.

The sketchy fine print

Back to the terms and conditions, there is also something that I failed to understand. The site has ten sections claiming they aren’t responsible for any negative experience. Here is what one of the section states;

“You further acknowledge and agree that the Company shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by, or in connection with, use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such site or resource.”

Another point of concern is that the privacy policy section isn’t there. Instead, it directs you back to the homepage. 

Our verdict:  BBWDesire boring and bogus site

There is a large number of dating sites that match people with the same style and preferences. These sites can be handy for people who find it hard to find a date in the real world. 

On the flip side, there are also sites that are only there to milk money from members. These sites waste your precious time and leave you heartbroken. After digging very deep into the BBWDesire dating site, our verdict is clear.

This is a sketch low quality ‘dating’ site. It shouldn’t be an option for anyone looking for beautiful black women. It’s actually not good for meeting anyone! A piece of advice is; avoid BBW Desire at all costs!


BBWDesire review


I find this in many other dating sites; you find a fun guy and think ‘oh this one is gonna be the one’. then the guy asks for personal details and location, I move on. Then there is another one who is only after sex and isn’t ready for something serious. In short, all these sites are fake and BBWDesire only wants to make money from you without giving something in return. The site is all about making money and collecting money. This should be a matter of concern for the federal government. There are only a few websites where you can find a real person. for others, the chances of getting a real date are probably 1 out of 100.  Anne H.